The Flagship Collection

The first collection Toucher, which means to touch in French, is all about feeling good in what you wear! And whether you’re part of the blindness  community or not, you’re going to want to be seen in NYI! The Toucher  collection is all about sass, attitude and sex appeal. Each piece is  bound to turn heads and make you feel confident when you walk into a  room. Not your inspiration is all about being influential versus inspirational. As a disabled woman, Natalie always hears how inspirational the disability community is. It doesn’t matter what they do, they could literally be crossing the street as a blind person, and someone will call that inspirational. Natalie wants to be influential, not inspirational. Inspirational is a word society uses out of sympathy for people with disabilities thinking their being nice. But when you’re
 influential that’s what really causes motion. Influence can change things it can move things forward. And that’s what Natalie wants to do within the fashion industry move fashion towards being more inclusive for everyone.